Switch boxes



In most cases, a general control board will be provided in a RF separated technical area and a synoptic board, which will be positioned at the intervention path in consultation with the local fire department. The functions of the synoptic board will be determined in consultation with the fire department. These functions may be based on –among others- the following guidelines. A schematic overview of each construction layer of the car park that visually indicates the following items:


the boundaries between the RWA zones and the following warning lights:

  • RWA zones of the activated fire scenario;
  • defect or interruption of the detection installation;
  • defect or interruption of the RWA installation;
  • active removal area(s) (removal operational and registers in position) ;

Individual light and sound signals of the following defects must also be provided and may be mentioned on the synoptic board:

  • defect of the electrical power supply of the main board control
  • defect of the electrical power supply of each switch box of the RWA installation
  • electrical defect to each mechanical ventilator, for the removal and supply of air
  • defects of all moveable smoke screens
  • defect of the programmable automatic operating system and of the operating and monitoring automatons, as well as the communication system

If the building is equipped with a Building Management System (BMS), these defects will be reported here.



Manual Operations



The synoptic board has a manual and priority operation for each RWA scenario, enabling deviating from the automatisms of the RWA systems that are operated through fire detection and can be used for:

  • switching on the automatisms in case of a lack of automatic activation through fire detection (defect, interruption, etc.) in the area in question;
  • switching off the automatisms, either during automatic operation or to prevent this operation;
  • regular tests.