Evacuation installation


The evacuation installation starts up automatically when the CO level is too high or if fire is detected in the car park.  The evacuation installation should also work in case of confirmed fire detection (two detectors are in the alarm position). They consist of text signs, flashing lights and sirens. The signalisation signs can be set in such a way that there is always visibility of 30 m.


Text panels


The text signs were developed especially for car parks. This centrally powered signalisation consists of a black sign on which the red text only becomes visible when it is connected. The lettering is in accordance with NEN 2443 (red letters h: 80 mm, d: 10 mm).


Siren-flashing lights


The siren-flashing lights should be placed next to the text signs (see above) in order to start fast and guaranteed evacuation in case of a CO and/or fire alarm. The signal is taken directly from the main control after intervention of the fire reporting switchboard. The sirens reach a sound level of 101 dB(A) at one-metre distance. The flashing lights are equipped with a red built-in LED in order to get a clear optical signal and are used in addition to the acoustic alarms if the background noise in the car park is too high.