Expert in (fire)ventilation systems



Over 25 years’ experience

Our division Buildings has over 25 years’ experience in the production of specialised ventilation solutions for buildings. Calculating, designing and installing are therefore our speciality.



Design, calculation, production and instalment

S.air can provide complete solutions for the following applications: fume and heat removal in buildings, natural ventilation systems, mechanical ventilation systems, and service & maintenance




Natural and mechanical RWA

S.air has satisfied customers in several areas, including: shopping centres, distribution and storage, commercial buildings such as offices, cinemas, theatres, supermarkets, schools, auction rooms and production areas.




Natural and mechanical ventilation

S.air specialises in solving all your ventilation problems for new and/or existing buildings. All possible ventilation treatments are possible and can be built in together with your RWA if you wish. Our reference list is our publicity.




Maintenance and service

S.air can propose the required maintenance contracts. Our service technicians are ready to guarantee fast and proper operation of our systems. All our products have EN 12101-(1/2/3) certificates.