Smoke and fire screens

In order to realise the required virtual zoning, automatic smoke and/or fire screens can be included in the concept. These must be tested according to EN 12-101-1 and be approved in category D 60 ASB 1 or 3. 

Automatic screens

foto_auto_rookscherm_openKL foto_auto_rookscherm_toeKL


The screens are dropped automatically in case of a fire, resulting in smoke zones in the car park. Fire can cause a lot of smoke that pulls these poisonous gasses up and spreads horizontally in the car park. The smoke can then be removed through the remaining openings. Unlimited lengths are possible by connecting several smoke screens. The smoke screens are provided standard in galvanised casing. Upon request, they can be hidden in all desired RAL colours. The screens are fully assembled and tested before delivery. Special assembly requirements are optional according to the customer’s wishes.


Glazed smoke screens


foto_rookscherm_glas_linksKL foto_rookscherm_glas_rechtsKL


Glazed smoke screens are used more and more often. Not only do they provide the necessary partitioning of smoke zones, they also make it possible for the designer of the car park to keep a visually open space. This creates a sense of safety, social control and maintains lighting. These must be tested according to EN 12101-1 and be approved in category D 60.


Fireproof sectional door


foto_rf_sect_poort_openKL foto_rf_sec_poort_middenKL foto_rf_sect_poort_toeKL


With a fireproof sectional door, the car park c an be divided into different compartments, whereby a complete SHEV-installation can be provided for per sub-compartment.



Fireproof roller blinds


foto_rf_rolluik_openKL foto_rf_rolluik_middenKL foto_rf_rolluik_geslotenKL


Fireproof roller blinds can be used to separate different zones for the purpose of Rf compartments and/or in the event of excessive pressure differences whereby an automatic smoke screen screen cannot be implemented anymore.