Service & maintenance


When a project has been delivered by S.air and approved by the fire department and/or an inspecting organisation, we can propose a maintenance contract. As these installations act as fire protection systems, it is essential that the installations are maintained regularly.

This is why we offer maintenance contracts to be able to guarantee that the installation we have provided continues to operate in the same way as it was designed and presented upon delivery.

In addition, preventive maintenance can prevent interruptions. This ensures you, the customer, of a properly functioning and safe ventilation and detection system.

If you ascertain any unexpected failure of your ventilation system, you can always contact us for intervention.

In case of a reported defect, we will first contact the customer or manager by phone to rectify the problem or to try to ascertain the exact cause of the interruption.

If solving the problem by phone is not possible, we have our own service mechanics to solve the problem on the spot. You can always request a proposal for the maintenance of an existing installation without obligations. Our contracts can also be extended with a 24/7 service.

The e-mail address below can be used to send all your questions on this matter.

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