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S.air is a specialist in the design of fume removal systems for underground car parks. Due to increased car use, closed car parks are increasingly being used in areas where many people get together such as shopping centres, offices and residential complexes.

The latest types of construction increasingly provide problems regarding the use of existing ventilation techniques when ventilating car parks.

parking1 parking3 parking2

In the past, these were mostly ventilated using channel systems. The disadvantages of this system were:

  • Compartmentalisation
  • Blind spots
  • No regulated fume removal
  • High energy use
  • Loss of parking space

Since the introduction of the NBN S 21-208-2, thrust ventilation has been a constant factor that can act as a solution offering maximum safety without any major changes to the car park. The tunnel ventilation technique is now frequently used to ventilate car parks. This ventilation system uses thrust ventilators. The technique is based on the thrust principle.