System test via smoke test

The operation of the thrust ventilation system can also be tested in a variety of ways later on:


Cold smoke test


The most simple test uses cold smoke. A smoke machine is set up at the most crucial location. This machine will create smoke for a previously determined time. Then, it will be assessed whether the present ventilation system is capable of removing enough smoke within the set time. Cold smoke can also indicate whether there are any unventilated blind spots. The disadvantage of this test is that thermodynamic influences cannot be tested.


Full scale test


The most reliable test uses real cars. However, this test is extremely costly, dangerous and can also damage the building. Thermodynamic influences are, however, fully present. The results of a cold smoke test compared to a car fire can therefore deviate.


Hot fume test


Finally, the hot fume test can be carried out.

Thermodynamic influences are fully visible but the test will not cause any damage to the building as it uses a clean alcohol-based fire. However, special precautions should be taken, because of which this test cannot be carried out quickly.